Melvin D. Carter, Jr.,DTM is an Entrepreneur, Author, Philanthropist, and Life and Business Strategist!

Melvin’s has been and currently working multi family businesses for over 30 years. The most current is working with his Taxi-Cab company, his father founded in 1974.

Melvin also assisted his great grand-parents in investment properties that was valued over $2 million dollars into days dollars and we still have pieces of the property still in the family.

He is the author of , “Why Me, Why Now?” 7 Game Changers to move You forward

He is also has earned, a Distinguished Toastmaster destination, from Toastmasters International in communication and leadership is highest award to be earned in the global organization and is a award winning speaker.

Most my life I was wondering why, everyone didn’t take the same opportunities that my great grand-parents had.  Their were a few who took the advantages  that Big-mama and Shada had taken.   They only had third grade and eighth grade schooling, and lived in segregated south when many odds where against them. What was the difference between my Great Grand-parents and others who had the same opportunities. Melvin has  found the differences in people in why they do want they do.

Because Melvin has the time freedom, he has gain from being a entrepreneur. He is teaching and training 100’s of individuals who what to seize the opportunity before them and live the best life possible. We want to serve you!!

Now what is in it you?  Melvin has taken Big-mama’s principles for abundance and sprinkle some 21st thinking on foundation that is staying in place.  You will move clearer and faster into your purpose than the past generations did.  We have packaged the concepts and actions  many ways to serve you!!!

“Melvin, you have saved my life!” T. Dillard

“I did what you told me, and earned $30k in additional money from business.” L. Booker Your Choice Cleaning Service, Charlottesville, VA

“Man, thank you help setting me up in own taxi cab business. I am still in business 8 years later!!” A. Kodo Diamond Taxi, LLC Charlottesville, VA

“Melvin, you are going to change the world!!”  J. Yoder