Millionaire Development Group, LLC

Was inspired by Great Grand-Father Arthoudous Haden, Sr., when I was a young boy. We has conversation about a his dream of becoming a millionaire and leave a legacy through grand children and the next generation. At the time of death December 1983,  his estimated net worth 1/2 of the that million he wanted. Big mama, made sure he hit his dream!!

I have founded, Millionaire Development Group, LLC.,  7 years ago.  As a personal development company where we teach and training individuals to maximize their gifts or just assist them in finding them. Why?

United States educational system is antiquated in it’s teaching. it’s only serving about 14% of the current population to some what success.  What we are doing is filling the gaps on knowledge to skills to outcome. We take what you know and teach you how serve others for a profit. While we are doing that you will find a deeper understanding of yourself and others around you.

We will empower you to respond to your situations in life that will show you how you have control. The areas relations, finances, and life. This will lead you to become emotional stable with internal communication habits.  With less worry better outcomes in life!!!